Squatters Spoil Dream Home With Fake Deed Claims

A Seattle couple were 10 days from closing on their new house when they discovered squatters had moved in who claimed they had seized “free land.”

The folks chopped the realtor’s lock box, changed the locks, and posted a deed on the window where they claimed to own the property.

“Whatever the bank is stating is in the land of fiction,” one of the squatters told Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “(The previous owner) has eliminated the bank’s interest in the property due to fraud.” He added, “The machine that I’m fighting is the bankers. I’m just one of the little guys who’s fighting that.”

Now the couple that was buying the house is basically homeless. They already gave notice on their rental, and the bank has delayed the closing date on the new home because of the issues over the deed involving the squatters.

Nature abhors a vacuum. As foreclosed houses, the foam left on on the beach after the ebb tides of the housing bubble recede, sit empty across the nation, cockroaches are bound to move in. (Or bees).

Couple finds someone living in their home-to-be [Seattle PI] (Thanks to Lee!)

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