Don't Toss Those Halloween Candy Wrappers Just Yet

Even if you didn’t go trick-or-treating last night, there’s a decent chance you have some candy and chocolate sitting around the house. Perhaps you’re like some Consumerist staffers who just can’t help but be tempted by the bulk bags of Kit Kats that go on sale at their local Walgreens? Regardless, before you toss those empty wrappers in the garbage, you might want to consider using them to help out a good cause.

The Candy Wrapper Brigade is a partnership between Mars/Wrigley, Cadbury and TerraCycle, a company that makes products from non-recyclable waste materials. They’re currently asking for you to send in some of your used candy wrappers to use as raw materials for their products.

From USA Today:

To participate, you sign up online, receive a prepaid postage label and drop off a box filled with wrappers (and affixed with the label) at a post office. For each approved candy wrapper,$.02 will be donated to the non-profit group or school of your choice. Eligible products include M&Ms, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Twix, Snickers and Swedish Fish.

TerraCycle also has “brigades” for things like drink pouches and Ziploc products. Go to for more info.

Upcycle Halloween candy wrappers into kites, purses [USA Today]

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