Seattle Residents Will Soon Be Able To Opt Out Of Getting Yellow Pages

Back in May, we asked readers if they still used the White Pages and an overwhelming 87% of you said no. Soon, those of you in Seattle who no longer use the phone book will be able to opt out of receiving the annual doorstop.

Yesterday, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance that will allow residents to place themselves on a “do not deliver” list for the Yellow Pages.

Aside from the unwanted phone books being a nuisance to residents, they are a financial burden on the city, which spends about $350,000 each year to dispose of the tossed-aside tomes.

Writes Seattle PI:

As of April 1, publishers of yellow pages would have to get an annual, $100 special license to do business in Seattle. The city’s public utilities department would establish an “opt-out” directory for people and businesses who don’t want to receive yellow pages phone books.

Since not all of you are Seattle residents, we want to know if you’d like this kind of opt-out list for your area:

Sick of yellow pages? Seattle establishes ‘opt out’ list []

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