Man Eats 10 Cans Of Tuna Weekly For 2 Years, Gets Mercury Poisoning, Sues

Mercury poisoning does not only afflict egotistical actors trying to get out of Speed-the-Plow performances, but New York men who devour 10 cans of tuna every week for two years. And the latter variety may decide to sue tuna makers for their troubles.

The New York Post reports a mercury-poisoned man who obsessively ate tuna is suing Bumble Bee Foods for breach of warranty and negligence. He’s also going after Stop & Shop for selling the product.

The story says experts warn not to eat more than five ounces of tuna a week to avoid thermometer-like mercury levels.

Bumble Bee, though, seems to claim its tuna is mercury-free, in a statement from a spokesperson, semi-paraphrased by the Post:

There’s never been a case of mercury toxicity from eating commercial seafood in the US” and that “alarmism” on this issue “can have an adverse impact” on people’s health.

I had a tuna meltdown [New York Post]
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