Here It Is: The Farthest You Can Get From A McDonald's In The Lower 48 States

Earlier this month, we reported how the GPS-friendly people of had located the spot in the lower 48 states farthest away from a McDonald’s. Not content to merely pinpoint the location on a map, the site’s Stephen Von Worley decided to trek out to the distant site in northwest Nevada.

Von Worley details the entire adventure, from loading up on enough McDonald’s to feed a soccer team, to camping at Catnip Reservoir to his final bike ride out to the “McFarthest Spot” over at Data Pointed, but we thought it was worth sharing the video of his last few hundred feet of trekking. It’s enough to make you hunger for the great outdoors… and then regret that you are 115 miles from the nearest McDonald’s.

A Visit To The McFarthest Spot []

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