Unemployed Law Student Will Hand Back Degree For Tuition Refund

An out of work Boston College law student wrote an open letter to his college’s dean with an unusual proposition.

Miserable about his job prospects and weighed down by debt, he offered to give up his law degree if he could get his tuition money back.

“With fatherhood impending, I go to bed every night terrified of the thought of trying to provide for my child AND paying off my J.D, and resentful at the thought that I was convinced to go to law school by empty promises of a fulfilling and remunerative career,” the student wrote on the EagleiOnline blog, an independent student-run site for BC law students.

He lobbed criticism at the career services department for doing little to help him and other fellow students find work.

“I’d like to propose a solution to this problem: I am willing to leave law school, without a degree, at the end of this semester,” he wrote. “In return, I would like a full refund of the tuition I’ve paid over the last two and a half years.”

In their official response to the post, the school said “no institution of higher education can make a guarantee of a job after graduation” and recommended that anyone worried about their job prospects should contact the Career Services office.

They did not specify on whether they would be taking the student up on his offer.

Open Letter to Interim Dean Brown [EagleiOnline]

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