PC Game Box Says It Supports Controller, Only Supports Version Few Have

Kurt says he bought the PC game Dead Rising 2 hoping to use his wireless Xbox 360 controller to slay the undead. Because the box indicated it supported the controller, he thought he was good to go. But it turns out the game is only compatible with the much less popular wired version of the controller.

He writes:

I just purchased “Dead Rising 2” for PC and cannot get my Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows to work with this game. I chose the PC version to utilize my 3D glasses, that and the game was $20 cheaper than any console version. The box says “Supports Xbox 360 Controller for Windows”, and I just so happen to have a wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows, so I figured I was all set.

It turns out I wasn’t. The option for controller in the PC Setup section is grayed out. I’ve since seen several references to this problem on line and none leading to a solution that doesn’t involve a third party program, controller emulation, hacked DLLs, etc.

Capcom sent this reply back to Kurt:

The game has been tested and confirmed to work with the Xbox 360 controller for PC (wired version). The development team is aware of the incompatibility with the wireless version. There has been no announcement made on the release of any update that would change this.

An attachment makes some PC games are compatible with wireless Xbox 360 controllers.

Do you think Kurt was misled and deserves a refund, or that he should have done more research before buying the game?

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