Recalling The Worst Halloween 'Treats' Of Yesteryear

When you think back about your halcyon trick or treating days, all the good times blur into one another and it’s the nasty stuff that comes to mind. For instance, the old lady on the corner who gave you apples or the creepy dude across the street who passed out tooth brushes.

Penny shares your pain and blogs through her emotional scars to list the nastiest so-called treats from her 1980s childhood.

Among the nightmares she recalls a stack of pennies wrapped in tape, chalk-like Necco wafers and the styrofoam-like affront to humanity known as circus peanuts.

I shudder at the recollections of Tootsie Rolls, candy corn and homemade sugar cookies my parents made me throw away.

What Halloween treats did you most despise?

The Worst Halloween Treats, Ever [The Penny Frugalista]