All Mega Pops Removed From Shelves, Foreign Particle Concern

After a scare about metal flakes in Mega Pops lollipops, Colombina has asked store owners to remove all Mega Pops from their shelves as they investigate the candy for foreign particles.

They have also expanded the recall to include both 14 and 28 oz size bags of watermelon, cherry, orange and grape flavored pops, and the following identifiers:

UPC Code numbers 0 14272 10873 9 or 0 14272 10862 3
Lot #’s 1240695, 1209708, or 1209796

You can find the lot number in a white square on the lower left hand side of the back of each bag.

Consumers can return the product to the store for a refund, or throw them away. The lollipops were sold at Family Dollar and other discount stores.

Consumers with questions can call a toll-free hotline at 1-888-317-3686.

Metal Flakes Found In Lollipops


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  1. Robofish says:


    • CyGuy says:


      BTW, since they are imported from Columbia (*), aren’t they entirely composed of foreign particles?

      Family Dollar issued a recall alert on these two weeks ago, with it being peak candy buying season, it would have been good if the nationwide recall had been enacted sooner after that recall?

      Also, FYI – Raisinets Fun Size (another Halloween targetted candy – with a production code of 02015748/UPC number 2800010255) are also being recalled for undeclared peanuts.

      * – if it weren’t for the massive US protectionism for the domestic sugar industry, we’d still be getting most of our lollipops from US companies and not importing them from foreign companies.

  2. BBP says:

    But we should keep the bags that say “Now with 35% MORE Metal Flakes!”, right?

  3. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    Mega Pops: Now an excellent source of iron.

  4. dreamfish says:

    “… as they investigate the candy for foreign particles.”

    Typical response. Blaming foreigners for the problem.

    “… a white square… “

    Now it’s reverse racism!


  5. Me - now with more humidity says:

    Damned foreigners! Particles? Oh, wait… never mind.

  6. MoreThanWYSIWYG says:

    Pretty sure all they have to do is list the alloy in the ingredients and all will be well, there are plenty of other non-food substances in candy, all they have to do is get the stores to slap new ingredient stickers over the old.

  7. polizzi82 says:

    Reminds me of that anti-cigarette commercial with the pop sickles coated in glass shards