Tmobile Throttles Unlimited Data Plans, Forbids Tethering

Tmobile is going after technically inclined customers who use their cellphones as a cheap wireless modem with a two-pronged approach.

One, if you’re on the unlimited data plan, your web browsing speed will get slowed down after going over 5 GB a month. Two, according to a screenshot obtained by Tmo News, T-Mobile sent around an internal memo to employees reminding them that customers using their phone as a modem, known as “tethering,” are breaking the T-Mo terms and conditions, for now. They will be introducing new “tethering” plans in November.

While they’re at it, they should think of a different term besides “unlimited.”

Warning, heavy users: T-Mobile just now turning on data throttling? [Engadget]
T-Mobile Says Tethering Not Permitted, Will Support In The Near Future [Tmo News]

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