How Fantastik's Packaging Has Changed From 1967 To Today

Flickr user RhymePile submitted to the Consumerist Flickr pool this fantastic photo of bottles of Fantastik brand all-purpose cleaner from 1967 and today, side-by-side.

“I saved this 1967 bottle of Fantastik brand spray cleaner from my grandmother’s closet after she passed away a few years ago. It still has cleaner in it,” he wrote in the notes.

Texize, the original maker of Fantastik, was purchased by Dow Chemical in 1986, which in turn sold its cleaning product brands to S.C. Johnson in 1997.


Interestingly, it seems Fantastik has been immune to the Grocery Shrink Ray–the 1967 bottle contains 28 fluid ounces of cleaner, and today’s Fantastik with Bleach bottle contains 32.

While the directions are nearly identical, there are far more warnings on today’s bottle. The modern bottle, on the other hand, doesn’t declare that it can clean smoke film and whitewall tires.




1967 Fantastik cleaner [Flickr]

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