Band Says Pep Boys Left Its Van Unlocked In Parking Lot

In a Facebook post, the indie band Lemuria says Pep Boys left its van unlocked in its parking lot after it fixed the vehicle following a robbery. And then a car thief came along and tried to hotwire the van.

The post says:

Our van was robbed and destroyed this weekend, luckily all of our equipment wasn’t inside it. We left it at a Pep Boys (cause we had a gift certificate there), they fixed it and left it overnight in their parking lot unlocked. Someone tried to hotwire it and was unsuccessful, leaving us with a dead van.

It’s unclear why Lemuria is certain Pep Boys left the van unlocked, since the failed car thief might have had the ability to break into it.

Have you ever discovered a repair shop left your vehicle exposed to burglary?

Lemuria’s Wall [Facebook]
(Thanks, Sound It Out Records !)

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