I Refuse To Bow To The Altar Of Holy Envelopes

Lani is doing what it takes to guard as much as possible against identity-swiping mail thieves. Time Warner Cable sends Lani return envelopes with unprotected holes to show the address, but this is one customer who refuses to play the game, modifying the envelopes until they’re secure enough to send:

I have been using Time Warner Cable services for a few months now. Since I’m old-school, I prefer using checks to pay for services instead of automatic bill pay.
Well, I’ve been noticing that whenever Time Warner sends me my bill, it always comes with a return envelope with a huge hole in it.

I know the hole is there so that the return address of the Time Warner processing center is visible, but every other company I know has a plastic film over the holes in their return envelopes.

I’m not one to trust my checks in an envelope that you can stick your fingers through, so I’ve always been covering up the hole with clear plastic, or sending my checks through my own sealed envelopes.

The easy way around the holes is to pay bills online, but for those who stick with snail mail, how do you feel about paying bills with holy envelopes?

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