ExpressJet Pilot Just Says No To Full-Body Scan Or Pat-Down

A pilot of Continental’s ExpressJet line has stirred up a ruckus after refusing to submit to either a full-body scan or the alternative, a hands-on pat-down from a TSA screener.

The pilot was making his way through the security checkpoint at Memphis International Airport when he was selected to go through the full-body scanner. When he refused both the scan and the pat-down, he had no choice but to exit the airport without getting on the plane/

Says the pilot to the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

I’m not trying to throw down the gauntlet with the federal government per se… I just want to be able to go to work and not be harassed or molested without cause.

I just kind of had to ask myself ‘Where do I stand?’ I’m just not comfortable being physically manhandled by a federal security agent every time I go to work…

I have those (security) concerns as well, but I don’t believe this approach is a necessary or effective way to mitigate the threat.

The TSA would only confirm to the paper that there was a person at the Memphis airport who refused the scanner, but would not say it was the ExpressJet pilot.

Pilot who refused body scan at Memphis International blasts TSA security []

Thanks to Sara for the tip!

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