Samsung Disses Toshiba, Says Common Glasses-Free 3DTVs Are At Least 5 Years Off

It’s a safe bet that 3D TVs that require buzzkilling glasses won’t catch on in mainstream living rooms, so all eyes are on the next wave of technology — the 3DS-like goal of TVs that let you see Vikings battling dragons in 3D without the burden of eyewear.

A Samsung honcho tells the Wall Street Journal that glasses-free 3DTVs are five to 10 years away because price and technological hurdles will keep the devices out of homes.

This statement comes shortly after Toshiba announced its pricey lineup of glasses-free 3D TVs that are due out this year and will start at $1,400 for a 12-inch model.

Will a glasses-free 3D set — this year or a decade from now — convince you to take the plunge into the third dimension, or are you fine with 2D?

Samsung: Glasses-Free 3D TV Unlikely in Next 5-10 Years [The Wall Street Journal via High-Def Digest]

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