Samsung Patent Describes Holographic TV Technology

Don’t want to wear a headset to get up close and personal with your TV content? Samsung has a vision for the future that includes holographic technology that beams a 3-D picture to viewers without anyone putting on special glasses.

Patently Mobile points to a Samsung patent application that lays out new holographic technology. The company notes in its application that traditional 3D glasses aren’t all that great and often make viewers feel tired due to the difference between the depth their brains are perceiving and the way their eyes are focused.

Holographic displays as described by Samsung would be able to make the depth the brain perceives consistent with the focus of the eyes. Lasers would be used to project holograms that float in front of the screen, which of course sounds a heck of a lot like a mini Princess Leia telling Obi-Wan Kenobi he’s her only hope.

The display apparatus could also include an eye tracking unit that would locate an observer’s pupils and adjust how far it has to project the holographic image for optimum viewing.

Of course, just because this tech is being discussed doesn’t mean Samsung will ever bring it to market. Now, when someone makes Star Trek‘s holodecks a real thing, I’ll be impressed.

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