Are The Glasses A Dealbreaker For Buying 3D TVs?

Whether or not it will last, 3D is still a growing trend at the movies and with TV manufacturers. However, a new survey shows that most people won’t buy a 3D TV just because they have to wear the required glasses.

According to the Nielson survey, 57% of respondents named the clunky specs as the main reason they wouldn’t purchase a 3D set for their home. And 90% of those surveyed said that the glasses would be an impediment to being able to multitask.

We imagine it must be difficult to watch a golf tournament in 3D while trying to check your e-mail and make sure the kids haven’t set grandma on fire again, all while sporting a pair of chunky specs.

Another concern of those surveyed is both the lack of 3D programming available and also the fact that it’s probably only suited for movies and events that would benefit from 3D. Do you really need to watch Two and a Half Men in 3D? Probably not.

One positive thing that people did agree on was gaming. Of the regular gamers surveyed, 70% said they want to try out their PCs, Xboxes and PS3s on a 3D TV.

What about you? If you take price out of the equation, are the glasses enough of a dealbreaker to keep you from buying a 3D TV?

Glasses a deal-breaker for 3-D TV []

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