Can Only Return Mattresses If Lump Is Bigger Than 1.5"

Buying a mattress is a confusing and dark art, but just try to return one. One family got a $2,500 Stearns and Foster mattress that had a hand-width-sized lump running from top to bottom. It was uncomfortable. Initially Sealy refused to accept the return, because the lump was not deeper than 1.5 inches. Their’s was only 1 and a quarter. What a weird rule, right?

The couple ended up complaining to the NYT’s Haggler columnist and after he prodded the company sufficiently for an answer, they decided to make an exception and replaced the mattress. Hoo-rah for threats of public humiliation.

For tips on buying a mattress, check out this Consumer Reports guide.

The Strange Return Policies at Mattress Companies [NYT]

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