Which Starbucks Stereotype Are You?

While Starbucks is attempting to shake up its image with beer, wine and cured meat, one Starbucks barista did her best to categorize her customers — and their likely order — by everything from race to gender to occupation.

For example, this handy illustration available at yasrsly.com states that:

*If you’re Mexican, you’ll probably order a caramel Frapuccino (with extra caramello)

*If you’re Asian, you’ll enjoy a Black Iced Coffee

*If you’re from India (which would also make you Asian, but the chart doesn’t make such distinctions), you’re going to order a chai.

*Old ladies will order something complicated and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (and will find something to complain about), while a teen girl will order a sweetened passion tea and giggle about it.

*Mechanics order mocha Frappuccino, but Soccer Moms are more complicated, ordering venti, non-fat, no-foam, no water, xtra-hot, double-cupped (w/ a sleeve) chai (or non-fat latte).

The chart even goes on to attempt to stereotype adults with braces, saying they will order “something just as awkward as an adult with braces.”

To see the whole chart and where you fit on it, click here.

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