Kmart Warns Spanish Speakers Not To Open Stuff Before They Buy

Kmart scientists have discovered that everyone who opens products and leaves them on shelves can read Spanish, so a Maryland store has cleverly posted this sign to warn stuff-openers to ceasendesisto. Silly Patrick, who spotted the appropriate and in-no-way-insensitive signage, takes issue with its posting:

I’m not quite for sure why the local K-Mart needed to write a sign in misspelled Spanish to not open the products. Is it okay for speakers of other languages to open the products but not those who can understand the sign and are Spanish speakers? I’m thinking not.

This was the only sticker I found in the store and it just so happened to be on the cleaning product aisle. According to census data the Hispanic/Latino is only 6.5% As a Caucasian male, I find this to be offensive toward the Latino community.

Again, it’s tough to see why Patrick considers this racist. Kmart is probably just implying that those who know Spanish take their home cleaning seriously. It’s a compliment, if anything. I’m sure Kmart has all sorts of friends who speak Spanish. Not friends they’d invite to dinner or anything, but great pals whom they totally respect and think of as really hard workers.

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