How Have You Fared At McNopoly?

For strictly journalistic purposes not having anything whatsoever to do with me being a sucker for silly, addictive promotions, I visited McDonald’s four times over the past week to collect Monopoly game pieces. Emboldened by the ubiquitous ads that say one in four game pieces are winners, I racked up 40 chances to become a millionaire, or at least a Redbox free rentailaire. But all I have to show for my endeavors are five pounds gained and a free medium fry.

A long time vet of the game, I look forward to every new edition of the contest with enthusiasm. But that joy has been dampened because I’m 1 for 40 in instant win game pieces.

I’m not calling McDonald’s a truth-stretcher or anything, but hopefully my luck will soon change, or at least I’ll hear of others out there who are slugging .500 to make up for my Cincinnati Reds-like batting average.

If you’ve played the game, what have you won so far, and what’s your success percentage?