My House Is In The Tiniest Broadband Dead Zone In Texas

Cliff and his wife recently purchased a house–hooray for them! Strangely, Cliff tells Consumerist, this house exists in a tiny pocket of space and time that their broadband provider of choice, AT&T Uverse, cannot reach. Well, that, or they live in a newly constructed area that doesn’t have the infrastructure for it…even though it should.

My wife and I bought our first home two weeks ago in [redacted], Texas. We are in the middle of a neighborhood that was built in two phases. Phase 1 has access to cable, DSL and AT&T Uverse while phase 2 was built after deregulation here in Texas so it has access to none of those services unless you live close enough to the Uverse installation near the community pool.

For the past 7 days I’ve been trying to get my address validated as being able to receive Uverse service with no success. This doesn’t make any sense to me as every house that shares a property line with ours (including the one across the street) currently has Uverse service. On the AT&T website, our property (less than a fifth of an acre) is a little island of no service.

Do you have any contact information for someone at AT&T that can help? We’d cut bait and go with someone else if that was a good option but the only high speed Internet available to phase 2 properties that can’t get Uverse is line of sight or cellular Internet and both of those options tend to be cost prohibitive and the service is spotty at best.

Try these numbers for AT&T residential executive customer service. If they’re not the correct department, they should be able to help you find it.

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