McDonald's, 29 Other Firms Don't Have To Play By Government Health Care Rules

It seems snippy threats can get you places. After McDonald’s threatened to drop health coverage for 30,000 workers unless the government granted it an exemption from a mandate to spend 80 to 85 percent of premiums on benefits, the Department of Health and Human Services granted a waiver to the company and 29 others.

A Bloomberg report quotes a health policy consultant who speculates that the waiver is political:

“The big political issue here is the president promised no one would lose the coverage they’ve got,” the consultant said. “Here we are a month before the election, and these companies represent 1 million people who would lose the coverage they’ve got.”

So McDonald’s employees, if you were kicking around the idea of contracting ailments that would land you in the hospital, proceed as planned.

McDonald’s, 29 other firms get health care coverage waivers [Bloomberg via USA Today]

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