Yelp Reviewer Gives 1 Star For Restaurant That Hasn't Opened Yet

As with any community-sourced online content, Yelp’s reviews can vary widely in quality. Still, this may be one of the most ridiculously self-entitled and clueless reviews anyone has ever posted about a restaurant:

My wife and I were downtown and had recently read a review of Graham Elliot Bowles new endever, a sandwich shop. The Chicago magazine made it seem like an enteresting spot and Chef Bowles is a happening food personality, the only problem is the joint isn’t open yet. It was a pleasant walk ruined…

The food blog Eater has asked Yelp whether it’s okay to post reviews for restaurants that haven’t opened yet, but so far there’s been no response.

“Graham Elliot’s Unopened Restaurant Grahamwich Gets a Negative Yelp Review” [Eater]

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