More White Castle Strangeness: Now They're Trying Noodles

Just a few days ago, we were writing about how White Castle is experimenting with BBQ at an Indiana outlet. Now we find out that there’s a White Castle in Ohio where noodles of all sorts are on the menu.

The White Castle on Bechtle Ave. in Springfield, OH, is the first place to test out the burger chain’s new Laughing Noodle concept. According to local reports, the menu includes “Italian, Thai and other dishes that can be created with noodles as the centerpiece.”

The remodeled restaurant and food lineup apparently had a soft opening on Monday, but reports say there is a grand opening on Sept. 25.

If anyone in the Springfield area wants to go test out the food (and snap some photos, of course!), please do. We have a guinea pig volunteer all signed up for the White Castle BBQ joint, so it would be good to have a review of the noodle house too.

New restaurant, first of its kind, combines White Castle and noodles [Springfield News-Sun]

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