Kid Gets Herpes From Condom He Found In Hotel Room

Last month we wrote about the 4-year-old boy in Atlanta who mistook a used condom in a hotel room for a balloon and put it in his mouth. An STD test confirmed the family’s suspicions that the boy contracted herpes from the condom.

CBS Atlanta spoke to the boy’s grandma, who talked about how tough it was to explain to the boy why she could no longer kiss him:

“When the cold sores were active, he wanted to give me a kiss, especially in the hospital. I said, ‘no sweetie — you know — not in the mouth, you can’t kiss mommy.’ He said, ‘mommy you don’t love me anymore?’ And so, it was very, very — very hurtful.”

The test came back negative for HIV.

4-Year-Old Contracts Herpes, Negative For HIV After Used Condom Incident [CBS Atlanta]
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