Weber Offers Free Parts After Customer Neglects, Burns Up His Own Grill

Brad screwed up his Weber grill, and it caught fire. He admits that it’s his fault for not cleaning the grill properly for three years, which led to fires under the control panel. When he called Weber to ask for an explanation of what could be wrong, the company not only helped him, they went way above and beyond and offered to send him–for free–replacement parts that would make his grill functional again.

Just wanted to let the consumerist know about Weber grills customer service. Top notch. I had two fires under the control panel, where the lp enters the burner tubes. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Anyways, I had to put out the second fire with an extinguisher because I could not put my hand near the gas tank to shut it off.

I called Weber after I consulted the owner’s manual and asked what was up. Judy informed me the fire was my fault for not cleaning out the burner tubes…turns out they were full of garbage from 3 years of use. I know, very intelligent on my part. She then told me that they don’t usually replace the parts I burned up (knobs, igniter, manifold, burner tubes, and the console panel) because of the type of fire and the fact that it was my fault. I wasn’t even looking to have the parts replaced, I just wanted to know what was up and why it kept catching on fire.

Judy then informed me that they would replace all of the parts I would need, free of charge. You don’t see too many companies with this kind of service these days. I will be a Weber customer for life because of this one interaction.

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