DirectBuy Extends Their 'Not Without Your Spouse' Policy To Lesbians

While it’s refreshing to learn that DirectBuy — which apparently won’t let women into their showroom without their husband present — recognizes same-sex couples, it’s disappointing to discover the company is equally a-holish to them as it is to everyone else.

In a follow-up to our story from earlier in the week, our former stepsisters at heard from a reader who faced a similar problem to our OP:

I am a lesbian. They said the same thing to me. They even asked me how old i was on the phone! I said I didn’t have a husband, they asked me if I was single. I said I was a lesbian, they said I had to take my partner or I couldn’t come. This was the San Jose area store in CA. I was then told also, if I did not buy the membership then at the ‘sales pitch’ I would be escorted out and never to visit again. I would be banned. I wasn’t allowed to look at anything without being escorted and I had to do the sale pitch. I could not look first and then decide.

The woman was so rude, I asked to speak to someone else. I got mad and yelled at her. I never do that. She was the rudest woman and I asked to speak to someone else that wasn’t so rude and she said everyone is instructed to be the same way on the phone, if I found her rude then I would find everyone rude. They will never get my money and I hope they go out of business.

This woman’s story falls in line with the popular belief that DirectBuy — much like time shares and other high-pressure sales pitch situations — likely wants both partners (regardless of sexual preference or gender) to sign on the dotted line.

As we mentioned yesterday, we attempted to reach DirectBuy through their 140-character limit “media query” box. Not shockingly, we’ve yet to hear back from them.

DirectBuy’s Stupid Bring-Your-Husband Policies Also Apply To Lesbian Partners [Jezebel]

DirectBuy Won’t Let Me In Their Showroom Without My Husband
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