Mirror Shatters To Floor, Installer Shrugs

Alan and his wife awoke to a giant crash from their bathroom. Their 3.5’x5′ plate glass mirror they had professionals install 12 years ago had fallen, shattering all over the tile.

When he called up the company they had bought it from and that had installed it, using only glue and no support clips, the glass guys couldn’t care less. (According to the Glass Association of North America, if glue is used it must be approved for mirror use, and fastening devices should always be used in conjunction with the glue.
) With no apologies or expressions of concern, they said it rarely happens and Alan should have been inspecting it all this time. Perhaps humidity played a factor, they postulated. Yes, perhaps while it was in the bathroom where people shower and bathe it came into contact with moisture. Ace detective work.

Alan asked if the installer would pay for a new mirror. The company said they would pay for 10% of it.

Alan says he will soon be putting support clips on all his mirrors, including the new one for the bathroom, which he will not be purchasing from the glass company.

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