Why Won't Gamefly Answer Their Stupid Phones?

John tells Consumerist that he is having a baffling problem with Gamefly. He can’t cancel his son’s account online, but customer service is unreachable. The company keeps sending games that he doesn’t want and charging his card. What’s wrong here? Update: the account has now been closed.

I have been trying for months to cancel my son’s subscription to gamefly.

I have emailed, written letters, returned the videos and they still keep sending us videos and debiting our account every month.

For whatever the reason, the “cancel account” function on their site doesn’t work because we have a “partial account.”

No one ever answers their customer service line. No one ever responds to their email line, except an automated response.

Any other Gamefly customers out there experiencing problems? Maybe someone at the CEO’s office will pick up the phone. Good luck!

Update: The account has been closed. John writes:

Gamefly has responded to my concerns, and has closed out
the account and refunded my money. They have been very professional and
have asked me to let you know.


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