ATMs That Spit Out Gold Are Coming To America

Whenever the money level in my Scrooge McDuck-style money bin dips below levels that are safe for diving, I have to send off the servants to restock it with assorted gold bars and coins. But now I’ll get to fire them because Gold to Go has announced they’re bringing their gold-dispensing ATMs to our great nation.

The wonder machines, which monitor gold prices and automatically update pricing every 10 minutes, will take my measly paper currency and swap it out for precious metal that will withstand currency fluctuations.

Later this year, Gold to Go machines will pop up in Las Vegas and Florida. Currently you can only find them in Abu Dhabi, Germany, Spain and Italy. I have money bins in all those places, too, but it will be nice to finally have the machines near my Vegas and South Beach mansions.

The world’s first gold vending machine! [Gold to Go via Engadget]

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