Want To Be A Zombie In Harrisburg? That'll Be $450.00

Some economist eggheads might believe that the recession is over, but try telling that to the zombies of Harrisburg, PA, who had to move their march of the undead after the city tried to squeeze them for some fees.

Last year, about 200 of Harrisburg’s ghastly ghouls were able to do their Zombie Walk through the city’s downtown without hassle or fees. This year, the city gave the brain-lovin’ bunch the news that they would have to pay $450 in march and permit fees, plus insurance.

The zombie behind the Walk was a little baffled since the previous year’s event was not a parade or unruly mob that took over the streets, but merely a large group of reanimated corpses that stayed on the sidewalks and obeyed traffic signals.

Wrote one irate zombie:

A cash-strapped city couldn’t pay for this kind of event to draw a crowd to downtown Harrisburg… But Harrisburg officials just want to squeeze every cent from anyone they can, it seems. $700+ for fans to dress up for Halloween and walk [or shuffle, as is more appropriate for zombies] around a few blocks in a single loop — just WALK. On SIDEWALKS.

So instead of pay the fees just to amble, arms outstretched, through downtown Harriburg, the flesh-hungry friends have joined up with another walk already scheduled at the nearby Harrisburg Mall.

Here’s hoping a delusional Dead Rising fan doesn’t stumble upon this scene. Could get messy.

If it does turn into a zombie apocalype, there is a handy book written by a Consumerist staffer that could help you out.

Harrisburg Zombie Walk, faced with paying fees to the city, moves from downtown to Harrisburg Mall [Patriot-News]

Thanks to Erin for the tip!

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