Don't Shop At Target When It's Raining If You Don't Want Your Car To Get Crushed

A few weeks ago, as Tropical Storm Hermine breezed through Texas, a pregnant mother of two exited a San Antonio Target store to find her car crushed beneath a fallen parking lot light pole. And now, she says, the retail chain has left her to foot the $10,000 repair bill herself.

According to the woman, shortly after filing a claim for the damage done to her car, she received a notice from the company that handles Target’s claims that the company wasn’t responsible for the damage since it believes the light pole fell because of Hermine’s 64mph winds.


The now-carless former Target shopper is obviously taking issue with that finding. She wants to know why only that one pole fell if the winds were so strong. She has taken photos of the base of the fallen pole which she claims show deterioration.

“Does that mean I should not shop at Target if it’s raining and windy?” She asked local news station WOAI.

A rep for Target told the local ABC affiliate KSAT:

“We have been in contact with the guest regarding the incident and will continue to work directly with her regarding her claim… We handle each claim on a case by case basis and are unable to provide additional information on specific incidents.

Are there any insurance experts out there that would like to share their views on this story? What would she need to prove in order for Target’s insurer to pay out the claim?

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