Next Stop, TV Ads Inside The Subway Car

Mark another “safe from motion-based commercial messages” area off the list. New York is trying out adding TV screens inside subway cars as a way to bolster flagging revenues. The first campaign is a “full body wrap” – what graffiti artists used to call “bombing” – on the 42nd street shuttle for TBS’s baseball playoff coverage. The (silent) monitors will show highlights from previous games.

If this is just the taste test, what does the future hold in store for the already media-saturated straphanger? A MTA spokesperson tells the New York Times, “Customers in a transit environment can expect increasing levels of sophistication in advertising.”

What they need to do next is harness some of that DARPA “Sonic Projector” tech and beam the sound directly into their audience’s heads using microwave.

M.T.A. Brings TVs to the Subway [NYT] (Thanks to c-side!)

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