McDonald's Slams Ad Equating Big Macs With Heart Disease

Last week, we wrote a group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that had produced an ad that made a direct link between McDonald’s food and heart disease by showing a corpse in a morgue clutching a partially eaten Big Mac. Believe it or not, McDonald’s was not pleased with the TV spot.

Said a rep for the fast food chain in response to the PCRM ad:

This commercial is outrageous, misleading and unfair to all consumers. McDonald’s trusts our customers to put such outlandish propaganda in perspective, and to make food and lifestyle choices that are right for them.

The ad was to begin airing in Washington, D.C., last week during the Daily Show and local news broadcasts, with the intention of airing it in more markets around the country in the coming months.

For those that missed it the first time, here is the clip for your review:

TV advert irks fast-food chain []

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