Cable Companies Agree To Pay NY Customers For Late Service Calls

In a joyous-for-customers agreement straight out of a Seinfeld episode, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable cut a deal with New York’s City Hall that requires the companies to give customers a free month of service if a technician arrives late to an appointment.

The New York Times writes the penalty will drop down to $25 per missed appointment in 2012, when Verizon Fios is expected to have enough infrastructure in place to compete on equal ground with the other two providers.

“We’re raising the bar, and I’m glad that the cable companies seem to understand that,” the City Comptroller told the Times.

Hopefully other municipalities will follow suit. And medical professionals who keep patients waiting, you’re next in line, suckas.

Cable Contract Has Fines for Late Service Calls [The New York Times]
(Thanks, PrincePoppycock!)

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