Twitter Makeover Lets You Embed Pics, Videos On Site

A Twitter redesign that’s rolling out incrementally alters the layout and lets users post pictures and videos directly on the site rather than just link to them.

Engadget took a look at the remade site and found that not all the changes were for the better:

The in-line content makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Conversation threads are vastly improved, but it only shows one reply back at a time — you can go through an entire timeline, but it takes far too many clicks.

Whether or not it’s a good idea to improve the workload for the site’s continually beleaguered servers remains to be seen. We’ll let you know if we discover whether or not the Fail Whale gets a new look.

Twitter unveils new website with picture and video content embedded on site (update: hands-on!) [Engadget]

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