Twitter Closing Down 6-Second Video App Vine

Four years ago, Twitter bought Vine, an app that let users upload and browse looping six-second video clips. While a community of people who elevated repeating video clips to an art form grew around the site, which hadn’t actually opened yet when Twitter bought it, Instagram and Snapchat also grew since then as places to share short videos. Now, on the same day that it cut 9% of its staff, Twitter announced that it’s shutting down Vine.

The good news is that existing Vines will stay online, and so will existing Vines. That’s good, because I need to loop this one over and over every so often.

What the company plans to phase out is the mobile app, which is how users upload new Vines to the site. “To all the creators out there — thank you for taking a chance on this app back in the day,” wrote the Vine team in their announcement post.

The Verge asked Twitter how many people in the layoffs announced today were from the Vine team, and whether any Vine staff would be offered new jobs with the company, and Twitter declined to specify.

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