Subway Recycles Its Packaging Into High Fashion

Sure, Lady Gaga can go out in her dress made from red meat, but that seems like a waste of good protein. And you never know what kind of diseases the meat might pick up. Meanwhile, the folks at Subway recently showed off a line of nearly ridiculous but more eco-friendly dresses on the runway in Chicago.

At the Project Subway fashion show in the Windy City, the sandwich chain featured the work of costume designer, Elsa Hiltner, who used recycled Subway packaging for her creations.

As described by Packaging Digest:

One model wore a bodice created from a Subway Lunch Box package, with floral detail made from a Subway Cookie Bag. A looped skirt was made from Subway Cookie Bags as well.

The show was intended to highlight Subway’s eco-friendly packaging initiatives. “Subway continues to show that you can eat fresh, be sustainable and look great!” said one overly enthusiastic executive sandwich artist.

All we want to know is: Do the Subway fashions have that same, unique scent that all the Subway restaurants do?

Food Is Fashionable: The Subway Fashion Show []

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