24-Hour Fitness Would Rather Lose 2 Members Than Let You Use Your Free Pass

Thanks to a policy-lovin’ member-hatin’ front-desk bizzatch, 24-Hour Fitness is losing two annual members. But hey, at least they didn’t get scammed by someone trying to redeem a 7-day pass, right?

Anthony writes: “In February of 2010 I joined your club at [redacted] CA. I quickly realized at that time I could not afford it, so I canceled the membership. Seeing that I never went to the club, they refunded all of my money.

Fast forward to this month. I moved in with my girlfriend who lives down the street from this club. She has been a member for many years. I am considering all the clubs in the area, she likes your club and wanted me to see if I like it. I printed a 7-day pass and arrived at the club with her last night. I was greeted by a member of your team who was very helpful and courteous. He told me to come by after the workout to get my passes for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed the club and told my girlfriend after our workout that when I get paid Wednesday I would sign up. I went downstairs to get my passes. The man who initially helped me wasn’t around and that is when things went downhill.

I was greeted by [redacted]. I told her that I was there to get the remainder of my passes. She asked for ID and found my paperwork. My ID is a Michigan ID as I have not yet gotten my California ID. She became confrontational and said I don’t get any passes because it’s for local members only. I said I would bring in a bill reflecting that I live up the street tomorrow. She said this is fine. I found this to be a little odd and I stated that when I joined 4 months ago, no one cared about my ID when I was paying money. She then got upset and stated I can’t have passes because I had been a member.

I explained to her that I joined, never worked out, not once and cancelled. She said this doesn’t matter, you should not have even worked out today. While I realize that are policies in place, is this really how you make someone feel that you want to join your club? I felt as if she was doing everything possible to make me feel unwelcome, and in a way a thief for even being there.

Suffice to say I was quite shocked at this behavior. Not only has her actions cost my membership, but my girlfriend is now going to cancel hers as well, a member for over 3 years. So I ask, was it really worth it for [redacted] to go off on me for technicalities? Or maybe could she have sat me down and discussed it whereas I would have told her I was planning on joining Wednesday. Both of us were looking forward to visiting your club tonight, instead we will be visiting another club in the area to see if we like it. Maybe with a pass at that club, we will feel a little more welcome.”

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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