New York Times Publisher Says Print Edition Will Eventually Fade Out

It’s easy to imagine most newspapers ceasing print editions, but surely stalwarts such as the New York Times will always stick around in physical form, if only to serve tradition, right? Wrong, says Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the New York Times chairman and publisher.

“We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD,” Sulzberger told an international newsroom summit in London in an article on Deadline.

The online-only Times will come at a price, though. The company announced earlier that it’s re-instituting a version of a pay wall next year.

“Information is less and less yearning to be free,” said Sulzberger, in a quote that seems fit to be etched on the tombstone of print journalism.

NYT’s Sulzberger: No Print Edition In Future [Deadline]

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