Wells Fargo Says It Won't Foreclose For 30 Days, Then Does So Within A Week

A week after Wells Fargo rejected a couple’s loan mod app and said it wouldn’t start foreclosure proceedings any sooner than 30 days later, a guy showed up on their steps. He said he was with an investment firm that had just bought the house at a real estate auction, and if they would leave within 2 weeks, he would give them $1,500.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson said, “We regret any difficulties our miscommunication has caused [the family]…We have called the family to review their complex situation and will take another look at their financial circumstances.”

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we can’t always find an option to prevent a foreclosure. The miscommunication was our mistake and we will work with the family to address the issues it created.”

Not sure exactly how the bank can really “address the issues,” the folk’s house, that they admittedly can’t afford, is already sold out from under them. They plan to go back to renting.

Suddenly, their house is taken over [Los Angeles Times] (Thanks to Alexander!)

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