Verizon Guy Tells Me The Customer Is No Longer Always Right

Let’s face it — the maxim “the customer is always right” never really held true. But still it was nice and polite for managers and customer service reps to at least pretend they had customers’ needs in mind. So it’s distressing yet oddly comforting to hear the bluntness in which A Verizon CSR handled Sean:

I had a maddening experience today with Verizon Wireless’ customer service. Long story short: I ordered a Verizon phone and a talk plan that included unlimited text messages. Or so I thought. When I got my first bill, I was shocked to find I’d be sending and receiving texts at $.20 per. When I called to ask why I didn’t get the plan I asked for and to get the charges reversed, I was told in so many words that I was lying because the computer didn’t say I ordered the talk and text plan. This, of course, was my whole point. I didn’t get what I asked for.

So I escalated the issue to a supervisor. He also told me I couldn’t have asked for the talk/text plan because it wasn’t on the screen. When I asked this rep whatever happened to the customer always being right, he responded, “Those times have changed.”

What’s the most quotable thing a CSR ever told you?

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