3 New Victims Of The Grocery Shrink Ray: Cookie Crisp, Oreos, And Finish Detergent

What do Cookie Crisp cereal, Double Stuf Oreos, and Finish dish detergent have in common? None of them are particularly good for you if you eat them, even if the first two are delicious in moderation. Yet all three were recently hit by the Grocery Shrink Ray, making each Finish tablet a tiny bit smaller, reducing the amount of cereal in the box by more than 20%, and giving consumers four fewer Double Stuf Oreos in a package. When will the indignities end?

K. found that Finish, the dishwasher tablets formerly known as Electrasol, shrank ever-so-slightly. At least, the ones available from Costco have.

I purchased the Finish dishwasher detergent tabs from Costco in [redacted]. Both cans contain 100 tabs but the total weight has dropped from 72 ounces to 70.9 ounces.


When Greg noticed that 4.2 ounces had been shaved off a box of Cookie Crisp, but Walmart was still charging $3.50, he promptly fled the country. (Or went back to Canada when his business trip was over…same thing.) A box once containing 19.8 ounces now contains 15.6 ounces. That’s almost 21% less. Ouch.


Then I found a Shrink Ray victim of my own while grocery shopping this past weekend. The Double Stuf Oreos package shrank from 18 ounces to 16.6, meaning that it now contains about four fewer cookies per package.



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