Has Your Subway Been Tessellating Your Cheese?

Earlier this summer, Subway made headlines when it confirmed to Consumerist that it would begin tessellating the cheese in its sandwiches as of July 1. But, say some readers, the sandwich artists at their local Subways have yet to start arranging the triangular cheese slices accordingly.

For instance, we have Michael from New York City:

Subway was supposed to begin tessellating their cheese starting July 1st. I go to many different New York City Subway restaurants and none of them are doing this? Was the post a joke?

While everyone laughs, I think tessellating the cheese is important. If you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you don’t put PB on the entire thing and twice the jam but only on half.

We can assure you that the post was no joke. As you can see from the original post, the confirmation came straight from a Subway rep.

We do not joke about the cheese coverage on our sandwiches.

That’s why we’d like to know from our Consumerist army — or at least those enlistees that eat at Subway — whether or not their cheese is being tessellated.

Feel free to tell us about the tessellation — or lack thereof — at your local Subway in the comments or e-mail us at tips@consumerist.com with the subject “Subway Cheese.”

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