VIDEO: Forever 21 Security Puts Choke Hold On Deaf Customer

Clothing store Forever 21 is under fire today over a YouTube video showing a security guard for the store’s Hollywood Blvd. outlet wrestling a deaf customer to the ground and putting him into a choke hold on the sidewalk.

According to the person who posted the clip on YouTube:

Staff must have seen them do something to suspect them of stealing, but that doesn’t have any support or facts. Before I started filming. The Big Black dude in Jeans who mighta been a store detective jumps and tackles the large hispanic deaf guy. from there I remembered my new phone and turned on the camera,

There was who looked to be the manager of XXI that said to turn off the camera because they didn’t want to get exposed for harassing and dealing with a situation that turned sour.

From there, you get to see the turn of events and then in the aftermath, the sorting out of exactly what happen. From what I saw that you guys can’t, the deaf guy in the white shirt was apparently assuring the store with receipts for what he was carrying.

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