How Not To Save Money On Life Insurance

In Bizarro World, most of us with life insurance feel guilty for paying so little to insurance companies. Budget Life checks in with several ways to allay those feelings of inadequacy by offering some things you can do to fatten up those premiums:

*Gain weight — Life insurers are like airlines in that they charge more to the portly. Since obesity increases your chances of dying quicker, you’ll pay more for insurance.

*Procure a chronic illness — If an ailment is driving you to an early grave, insurers will want you to toss a little more into the hat.

*Get old — If you’re a senior citizen, the post says, most insurers won’t offer you cheaper 20 and 30-year policies, so you’ll have to pay for a more expensive 10-year plan.

*Step up the smoking — If you have a habit of sucking cancer sticks or previously made a routine of doing so, you’ll have the pleasure of coughing up more in premiums along with all that mucus.

*Be a daredevil — If your field of work is risky — say, mining or construction — add “inability to pay life insurance premiums” right after “getting maimed on the job” to your list of worries.

*Lie on your application — If you falsify your application and your insurer follows up years later, finds out you’ve lied and invalidates your policy, you get no money back.

6 Ways to Deny Yourself Cheap Term Life Insurance [Budget Life]

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