Fried Beer… The Name Says It All

As we’ve already seen with this summer’s Meat Man Parfait, state fairs are a hotbed of culinary experimentation. The latest headline maker comes from the Texas State Fair, where one man plans to unleash the craziness that is Fried Beer upon the world.

It’s really quite simple. Ravioli-ish pockets of dough are filled with Guiness and then deep fried. Judging by the below video, the beer just spills out onto the plate after the first bite.

The creator of Fried Beer is also considering using Shiner Bock or Sierra Nevada in place of Guiness. There is also the Deep Fried Frozen Margarita and — for those under 21 — non-alcoholic Fried Lemonade.

Fried Beer: The ultimate fair food? []

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