Ultra Pet Rewards Loyal Customer Generously For Kitty Litter Complaint

Liz writes that she tried a different type of cat litter from UltraPet, the manufacturer of her regular brand. The new litter didn’t work as well as advertised, and she contacted the company about the issue. They offered her a refund or a free bag of her regular litter, but she couldn’t produce the original receipt. Liz didn’t expect that the company would send along something better instead.

I wanted to share a story of great customer service with you. About a month ago, I purchased a 4 pound bag of UltraPet Trackless Litter Pearls. Normally I use UltraPet Litter Pearls Micro Crystals, but wanted to give the trackless version a shot in hopes that they would actually work to stop my cat tracking them around the apartment. Aside from the tracking issue, I had absolutely no problems with the Micro Crystals in the past. Unfortunately, the Trackless Litter Pearls didn’t work nearly as well as the Micro Crystals had and because of odor issues, I was forced to throw them away after about 8 days (they are advertised as lasting for a month as long as you scoop and turn the litter daily).

I contacted UltraPet via e-mail to let them know that I had a problem with their product and got a response within 24 hours from [A.] She explained why the Trackless Litter Pearls aren’t ideal for some cats and then gave me two options: either she would send me a new 7 lb bag of UltraPet litter to give it another shot, or she’d send me a check refunding my money. Both of these options required me to send her a copy of my receipt.

I hadn’t kept a copy of my receipt but had kept the bag which had a price sticker on it from the store where I purchased it. I replied to her e-mail saying that I’d be happy with a replacement bag as long as was the Micro Crystals and not the Trackless version and attached pictures of the bag in hopes that it might substitute for the receipt. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.

She replied to my e-mail and told me that the bookkeepers wouldn’t allow her to send a new bag or a refund without the actual receipt, but that she’d send some coupons my way and hoped that I would remain a customer. Imagine my surprise today when I opened the mail and found a letter containing three coupons for free 7 lb bags of UltraPet litter. That’s 3 times more than what she had originally offered AND is compensation for a bad experience with a 4 lb bag. I was floored, especially since UltraPearls aren’t cheap – a 7 lb bag goes for around $30 at my local pet store.

A. definitely went above and beyond and I am incredibly grateful. She’s got herself a loyal UltraPet customer from now on.

That, companies, is how you keep a customer.


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  1. pop top says:

    She pays $30 a bag for cat litter? That is crazy. If you visit the site (http://www.ultrapet.com/cats/ultra-pearls) it has a link at the bottom to buy it from Amazon for half that price.

    I see that it’s low on dust and better for the environment, but I buy Yesterday’s News which is recycled paper and that’s low on dust and better for the environment,, and I can get a 30 lb. bag of it for $15.

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    $30 kitty litter?! For $30 it should scoop itself. I had no idea cat litter could be that expensive.

    • pop top says:

      From the website’s description, I think it’s ultra-absorbent moon dust.

    • jbandsma says:

      I guess you haven’t seen the prices of litter boxes lately? There’s one that goes for about $600. Plus the cost of a plumber to install it.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        the cat genie is about $300, scoops itself and can be installed by any person with a reasonable familiarity with their own pipes. my sister hooked hers into the drain on her washer. aside from needing a new washer drain pipe since hers was old and smaller than modern ones, it took her about 15 minutes

  3. JennyCupcakes misses her grandson says:

    And I was expecting them to send a new kitty in the mail! :)

    • Omali says:

      Here’s a new kitty, designed specifically so that his excrement will negate the odor issues you’re having. Just take your existing kitty, and ship him back to us so we can process him in the defective department (don’t forget to poke airholes in the box!)

  4. myCatCracksMeUp says:

    It warms my heart every time I hear about a company doing the right thing, much less doing even more than that. Good job UltraPet, and good job, OP.

  5. InsomniacZombie says:

    It’s nice that the CSR was able to work around the ‘needing a receipt’ issue to still be able to take care of Liz. Way to go, UltraPet.

  6. B* says:

    Anything involving failure of fecal management deserves a response like this. Good job, UltraPet.

  7. phonic says:

    come on…who could not give something free to the cute kitten in the picture?

  8. baddate says:

    I think this is cool. It’s good to hear when companies are rad and awesome.

  9. Mobius says:

    I recently had a problem with some Blue Buffalo dry catfood, namely it gives all my cats diarrhea and covered my house in poo. I tried two different kinds before switching brands and the problem disappeared. I wrote the company about my experience and they didn’t even respond. Nothing. Nice job, Ultrapet. Bad job, Blue Buffalo.

    • pop top says:

      Wow, Blue Buffalo is a great product usually. I wonder if it was just a bad batch? What brand did you end up switching to?

      • Mobius says:

        AvoDerm. They eat the hell out of it and no more poop problems. Well… not messy ones. Stinky, yes. Not messy.

    • Tenacity says:

      Sometimes switching alone will have that effect. It might be better to introduce a new product gradually.

  10. Hoot says:

    I generally dislike cats and do not find them cute but every now and again I find one that just blows my mind with cuteness…. LIKE THAT ONE.

  11. 339point4 says:

    “That, companies, is how you keep a customer.”

    Not just keep a customer. By going above and beyond, it increases the likelihood that the customer will share the experience with others and create more customers.
    Personally, I’d never heard of this company before reading this article, but should I ever be in the market for cat litter, I’ll certainly keep them in mind.

  12. Murph1908 says:

    Great tag.

  13. AllanG54 says:

    My daughter has four cats (and 3 dogs and 2 guinea pigs, but that’s another story) and she buys 48 lb buckets of Scoop-Away from Costco. I think it runs less than $20.

  14. Nighthawke says:

    When we had our two cats, we bought 50lb bags of industrial floor-dry (essentially unscented clay kitty litter) and a 7lb bag of scoop away. We would mix both at about a 2:1 ratio, making it an inexpensive litter box that would last for weeks on end before replacement. Oh, yes, we would scoop too.

  15. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    That’s the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.

  16. anime_runs_my_life says:

    I’m with the others on spending $30 for kitty litter. For that much, it’d better come with it’s own servant to scoop the litter for me. I spend $8 a month on a 50lb bag of Tidy Cat that works just as well.

  17. smo0 says:

    That, companies, is how you keep a customer.


    I usually have positive interactions with employees at pet stores….

    just proves the point that animal lovers are generally nicer….

  18. Tenacity says:

    Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer sells for about $2 and extends the life of our kitty litter by about 100%. Orange box, top shelf, pet aisle. Smells good, too. It’s a baking soda product that you put under you cat litter in the pan.

  19. dush says:

    It’s definitely a lot easier to keep a customer if you give away your product to them for free.

  20. H3ion says:

    What did your cat have to say about the coupons?

  21. Incident8 says:

    That title is extremely difficult to decipher. Perhaps the capitalization or other form of distinction of company names would help.

  22. Willnet says:

    I don’t even care about the article. I just clicked on it to look at the kitty.

  23. Britt says:

    $30 is excessive, but then you don’t always have a choice. One of my cats is extremely allergic to most litters. It took ages to find one that wouldn’t make him sick, and it starts at $15 a bag.

  24. Winteridge2 says:

    Wish I had a cat. I would switch to Ultrapet. I complained to Delmonte because they improved my dog food from 20 lbs to 15 lb for the same price. They said they did it to keep up with their competition? Sent me a $4 coupon. After that is gone, I am on my own, and my dog goes on a diet.

  25. nakkypoo says:

    I used to buy this type of litter, but it’s expensive and toxic (no idea how they claim it’s better for the environment, unless they’re comparing it to asbestos cat litter.) I switched (in part because of an article I read on Consumerist) to using wood pellets (the kind you put in a wood stove.) These work great, there is little to no dust, it doesn’t get tracked around much, it’s great for the environment (it’s wood shavings that would otherwise end up in a landfill) and best of all 40lbs is $6.