Is The Droid 2 A Signal-squandering, Battery-Sapping Dud?

Tech blogs and forums have been ablaze over perceived Droid 2 shortcomings since the phone was released late last week. I can personally vouch for the word on the street, that the phone has problems picking up a signal and suffers pathetic battery life — an issue that’s likely related to the first problem, since the phone is constantly scanning for signals — PhoneArena speculates.

I gave up on my dreams of a Verizon iPhone and bought a Droid 2 on Monday. The phone ran out of juice on me both work days within five hours of minimal use. The calls I made were problem-free, but I haven’t been able to use the ballyhooed free GPS Navigation because the phone wasn’t able to snag a consistent signal.

It’s possible mine was a dud and that the evidence mounting against the phone is anecdotal. If you’ve been using a Droid 2, let us know about your experience. I need to decide whether to exchange mine or bail out and get a refund well before Verizon’s 30-day trial period ends.

Motorola DROID 2 signal issues mount in reviews, Apple tries hard to hide a smirk [PhoneArena]

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